R-O-Wer = Results Oriented Worker


Rower LLC is a consulting firm specializing in Tableau development to provide companies with data-driven insights.

Rower has been helping companies of all sizes, across multiple industries, remove data analytic roadblocks and provide meaningful business solutions. We bring world-class consultants to architect, design and deploy data solutions to move your company forward. Our client verified approach guarantees better business outcomes and your project is guaranteed to be delivered on-time and on budget. 

Utilizing the best-in-class tools to drive insight, we confront the task of detailing reports, automating data collection and representing them with dynamic real-time, interactive dashboards. With our unique application of business and strategic frameworks, coupled with our analytics and dashboard development capabilities, we provide immense value, driving actionable results and accelerating the project development timeline.

Most data consultants don’t understand the client’s mission and business objectives and thus fail to deliver quantifiable results on the client’s end. At Rower, we first sit down with our clients and fully understand the business space and company vision. We then discover metrics and test and refine our process until we exceed the expectations promised to our clients.


Our Values

  • Precision: Provide the best-in-class data analytic services to our clients, fully capturing the insights that the client needs to scale the business
  • Innovation: Use intelligence, creativity and perseverance to solve hard problems and create value for our clients
  • Discipline: Ensure high performance and operational efficiency through self-management and use of appropriate tools, methods and processes
  • Adaptability: Listen to our client needs and feedback, and change our processes accordingly
  • Foresight: Use quantifiable metrics to predict future trends and help clients focus in on what holds them back from extraordinary growth

Our Vision

Rower strives to be a leading provider of high-value data analytic services across diverse markets.

our Mission

Rower creates tremendous value for our clients by first aligning ourselves with their business objectives and then by testing and refining our process to provide quality solutions that capture the value promised.

our Clients